iPhone Game Reviews: I Dig It


  When I first laid eyes on I Dig It I thought, “hmmm the tractor looks kinda cool but how can drilling around in the dirt possibly be any fun?” But then, mainly out of curiosity I downloaded the lite version still confident my intial assumptions were correct.  In 15 minutes was hooked and soon paid for the full version.


  I Dig It starts you out in a nice tutorial covering all of the basic skills you will need as a back yard miner. This is always nice to see as far to many iPhone games forget to include this useful feature. (kind of funny since you certainly won’t find a brochure with your purchase…) The basic gameplay in I Dig It is this: You need to raise a set amount of money in a certain amount of time. Depending on the mode you are playing this could be 15 minutes, or it could be 4 hours. You raise money by digging under your farm finding tin, silver, various gems, antique bottle caps and more. You mine the goodies, bring them back to the surface and your wife sells em’ off for some quick cash.

  Much of the fun in this game comes from finding and collecting the various “Diggins” scattered in the earth. There is a large variety of diggins. While digging you all sorts of diggins consisting of various types of ore, antique junk, bottle caps, gems and more. The deeper you dig, the better the digins you find. There are also rare diggins that are much more difficult to find than most. The pacing of the game is very well done so that you really feel a sense of accomplishment when you unearth an espesially good diggin.

  There is also a nice amount of strategy required in the game. You are always on the clock, so digging and mining efficiently is important. You also can not just immediately drill to the higher value diggins. As you progress down into the depths, your vehicle begins to overheat, and your vision is increasingly impaired. To dig deeper without overheating you will need to upgrade your vehicles coolant system. You have several other upgrades at your disposal all of which cost you your hard earned money. Upgrades available include armor, coolant, radar, drill bit and more. Balancing exactly what parts to upgrade and how to make to most out of those upgrades is key. Since you must constantly watch your time while managing Fuel, Temperature, and Hull Damage it pays to have a strategy when digging, in fact a keen digging strategy is necessary for a win.

 While some other reviews I have read have complained about the lack of a save feature, I have found that if you hit the iPhone home button and exit the app at any time, you start right back up where you left off whenever you start the app back up. That is good enough for me, as I see no need to have multiple saves for a game like this. I Dig It offer many hours of gameplay and plenty of replayability with its extra modes and scoring system. You will also find facebook integration which is nicely worked in with in game achievements.

  If you still have any doubts about this highly entertaining title, there is a free lite version available that will give you a very good sample of the game. However, at only $1.99 this game is easy for me to recommend. In fact, if you check the app out right now, you will catch the game on sale for only $0.99

 I Dig It gets 4.5 lumps of platinum out of 5

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  1. Hmm, I Dig It Seems to be ‘inspired’ by a very good flash game called Motherload.

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