Review: Hybrid:Eternal Whisper by Gamevil 5/ out of 5




     Hybrid is an action RPG from Gamevil, the Korean based publisher that also brought us Zenonia. While Zenonia was a very classic RPG, Hybrid is all about the action. No towns to explore in this game, no fields to trek through, and no dungeons to explore. What you will find in Hybrid is pure, raw, demon thrashing action at its best.


  Hybrid starts out introducing you to the main character, Grey. As you start the game you immediately find out that the entire world is being taken over by evil spirits, and it is not long before you are thrown right into the battle. The game is made up of 2D sprites moving in a 2.5D plane. You will play through each battle in various closed off area’s consisting of the aforementioned 2.5D plane. I am a fan of 2D sprite art and I really enjoy the overall art style in the game. The detail and variety in the enemy sprites and Boss sprites is really well done. Between battle’s you will learn more about our hero Grey, and his helper Fairy through story dialogue consisting of reading text on the screen. While some players who are more gameplay focused may find the story sequences a bit lengthy, there is a skip button available for those wanting to get right back into the action. The story however, while not the highlight of the game, is entertaining, and I never found myself actually skipping through any of the story sequences.


  Because this game is all about the action, it is obviously important that the developers made fighting fun. I am happy to report that they were definetely successful in making battles very entertaining. You will control Grey with a virtual D-pad which works surprisingly well considering how action heavy Hybrid really is. In addition to the large D-Pad on the left hand of the screen, you also have an attack button, and a grip button. The grip button enables you to switch sword grips on the fly, even mid-combo. The grip feature allows you to toggle between two grips, one is better for targeting enemies on just one direction, and the other is better for targeting enemies on both sides when you are surrounded. The combo system in place works well, allowing you to rack up points juggling enemies with long strings of attack both with the sword and by magic.


In addition to sword skills Grey also learns various Magic skills as you progress through the game which can be activate with various swiping movements across the touch screen. Overall the Magic system worked well, and is easy to use. Two other skills Force, and Gravity can be used together with Magic skills making Grey a very deadly weapon. For example when a Force skill is used with a Majic skill properly you are able to initiate the Soulblade. The Soulblade traps surrounding enemies in a circle of gravity and then tosses them into the air where Grey can then repeatedly slice them until they fall to the ground a whimpering mess. The skill system also adds plenty of variety to the combat system over the 70 battles you will encounter in the game. All of the action aside, Hybrid has all the RPG elements you would expect from a quality title. You will find a meaty leveling system including upgradeable stats and skills, as well as the upgrading and forging of weapons and items.


  One feature set I was pleasantly surprised to find in Hybrid was an extensive online component. Global online leaderboards allow you to compare your high scores with other players around the world. Not far along the story line of Hybrid you come across another online feature that allows you to send letters and gift items to friends who are playing the game.

The online components are a nice touch as part of an already impressive package. In addition to the 70 battles through the main storyline, you can also find an additional 10 hidden stages. There is also an endless mode if you want to practice, or see just how far you can get going against endless hoards of increasingly difficult enemies. You will find more gameplay in Hybrid hour for hour than you will in some full fledged console games. Fans of Zenonia were not disappointed with the huge amount of gameplay to be found, and fans of Hybrid will be no different. With all of the upgrade options, the battle ranking system, and the addicting and fast paced gameplay you will certainly not be disappointed with your mileage on this title.

  Score: Hybrid: Eternal Whisper gets 5 out of 5

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