Free Friday: Peter Und Vlad Friday Giveaway!


  UPDATE: We have a winner! Snake won the contest with this post:

“Because I own a goat. They’re pretty much the same, right?

No, really, I do.”

 Congratulations Snake! Hmm… a Snake with a goat? Now I have heard everything…

The fine folks at Dexoris were kind enough to provide us with a few promo codes for their game Peter Und Vlad. As we stated earlier today, we will have our full review up later today, but can confidently recommend that you check this game out. This is one of the most polished titles I have had the pleasure to play Review in some time, and the gameplay is great fun as well!

  To enter the contest, simply comment on this pot and tell us why YOU are the best sheep herder for the job. Please be sure to include your email, we will choose a winner tonight! If you do not win, do not fret! We will be giving away another copy later this weekend once the review goes live.

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