Monkey Island 50% off till the 21st. Only $3.99!

Lucas Arts classic was spruced up with new art and voice overs. The game was a great buy at $8 and is a steal at $3.99.

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2 great games on sale for $0.99: Mecho Wars and I Dig It

Mecho Wars is a turn based strategy game with great art, and I Dig It a very entertaining treasure mining game. At $0.99 each I can highly recommend both. I Dig It has a lite version available fore those who would like to try it first.

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Gameloft releases Modern Combat: Sandstorm

Those of you craving a top notch FPS can finally pick up Gameloft’s Modern Combat: Sandstorm. We at The Current Gamer did not have an opportunity to preview the title, but Gamelofts reputation means this is likely a new standard fir iPhone FPS games. We will post early impressions as they come in. iTunes link:

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Word Ace is here and it’s free!

Self Aware Games the developers that brought us Taxiball have just released Word Ace. We have been eagerly awaiting this release here at The Current Gamer, and look forward to spending many hours with this game.

Click here to check out our interview with developer Self Aware Games discussing Word Ace:

Word Ace is a hybrid mix somewhere between Scabble and Texas Holdem’ poker. Here is the developers description:

“Word Ace combines the strategy and competition of Texas Hold ?Em with the intellectual challenge of classic word games into a fast-paced multiplayer online game you can carry in your pocket.

With built-in friends lists, text chat, and a unique picture-based “emote” system, Word Ace makes it easy and rewarding to play with your friends. Can you rack up the highest-scoring word, or are you going to have to bluff your way to victory?”

We will have a review for you down the road, but for now we will be online playing some Word Ace!

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Geodefense Swarm Update

UPDATE ALERT!!!UPDATE ALERT!!! 9/14/09 :The Developer for the long awaited geoDefense Swarm, reported this afternoon that the app has been approved and should appear on the app store soon. Apparently it takes some time for the app to actually appear on the servers after approval.
Bottom line, soon the wait will be over for the huge group of geoDefense fans that have eagerly anticipated the next title in the geoDefense family.


We are sad to report the developer of the much anticipated geodefense swarm said this morning that the app was rejected. The good news is the app has already been re-submitted. Hopfully we will have better news for you soon.

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Luxor on sale for $0.99

Another great sale this weekend: The popular marble buster Luxor is on sale right now for $0.99. This is a top notch game, and a steal at $0.99 iTunes link:


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