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Published on August 21, 2009 at 12:52 am  Comments (1)  

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  1. Hi I’m the designer behind Peter und Vlad the game will be out of friday 25th.
    Pleas check us out 🙂

    Peter Und Vlad

    Peter und Vlad is an adventure game for iPhone and iPod touch with a herding flavor that allows you to decide the fate of the Sedov brothers, Peter and Vlad in their epic battle with an dangerous and out-of-control weather machine! It is a friendly family game where the users help Peter by herding sheep into a farmhouse before the weather machine transforms their wool into energy.

    The mad scientist Vlad Sedov has created a weather machine to help his brother Peter with his farming chores. Vlad’s design of the machine was supposed to make good use of his brother’s flock of sheep by using the wool as the main power source. However, the brothers soon found out that this was not an optimal design – and the off-button to the infernal-machine is nowhere to be found!

    It’s up to you to help Peter flock the incoming sheep into the farmhouse and prevent the destruction of the Sedov farm! Peter responds to your touches and you issue movement commands to him by holding down your finger and drawing a path through the environment.

    Two gameplay modes!
    Help Peter survive the story earning points for successful herding or herd an infinite flock of sheep in Zen mode!
    Realistic sheep A.I!
    Best artificial intelligence found in sheep on the iPhone and iPod touch!
    High quality, Bavarian style hand painted graphics!
    Graphical combination of passion, quality and character
    Original soundtrack and immersing sound effects!
    Enjoy the inventive and original soundtrack performed by Vlad and his electronic orchestra! Whistle along to Peter’s Theme and be frightened by The March of the Weather Machine!
    Step out of the cubicle and into the wild through immersing sound effects! The wind howls, birds chirp, and sheep baah!
    Real-time weather effects!
    Watch the real-time weather effects as the weather machine morphs summer into autumn, winter, and spring!
    Local and online leaderboards!
    Compete on the global leaderboard powered by AGON-Online (hlekkur) and prove yourself to be the best herder in the world!
    Delicious mushrooms!
    Tasty and surprisingly helpful! Some would call them powerups but we only think of them as delicious.

    Launch date is 25th of September

    Link to a youtube video:

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