Review: Run! from Arthur Ham Score 5/5


   – Review by Robert N. Mullen

There are certainly more than a few reaction games available on the iTunes store. Run! is another reaction game, but don’t let this keep you from taking a look. During my time with the game I quickly became hooked, and found more substance than I would typically expect from a game in this genre.

  The controls of Run are simple, but work very well. Simply swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide. You can also tap on certain obstacles such as brick walls and boulders to shoot and destroy them. Tap the sole action button in the game to pull off a running punch, or in the air for a flying kick. The controls really make this game. The controls are exremely well adapted to the device, and feel very natural. I found sliding under a barricade, or fly kicking a zombie to be quite intuitive and very enjoyable.

  You will find a variety of obstacles as you run including metal barricades, the aformentioned brick walls and boulders, sharks, walrus, zombies, springboards and more. As you progress forward, new obstacles are added into the mix as you level up.

  The music in the game is fun and fitting. I also noticed there are some really nice subtle touches such as a scenery change in the background changing from day to dusk, to night after each retry.

  As with any truly great iPhone game, you will find global online leaderboards, and achievements, adding replayability to an already addicting title. Another fun feature is a page with additionaly tracked stats such as your average score, total score, and a “death by” chart that shows you just how many times you have been killed by some of the games main obstacles and enemies.

  The developer has already posted some details for the next update that include an additional gameplay mode, new achievements, and, best of all, new obstacles.

  Overall, Run! is tons of fun, and quite addicting. I can enthusiastically recommend this game as the next must-have addition to your iPhone gaming collection.

 I give this game 5 drop kicked sharks/ our of 5

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Review: Dungeon Scroll – Old school dungeon crawling + Scrabble = fun!

Did you ever wish that somehow a classic dungeon crawler and Scrabble would someday come together, creating a new hybrid game combining the two genres? Me neither. However husband and wife dev team, Robinson Technologies have brought their cult hit PC game Dungeon Scroll to the iDevice, and this unexpected hybrid may be your new mobile time sink.
       Dungeon Scroll has allot going for it. The game will appeal to fans of both old school Dungeon Crawler RPG’s, while also appealing to the large group of word game fans in the iDevice user base. Like most Dungeon Crawlers, you start out in Dungeon Scroll in a monster infested dungeon. You have a set amount of health points and must defeat a seeming endless barrage of monsters one by one. Instead of set spells and attacks you have a handful of lettered tiles that have a striking resemblance to Scrabble tiles. You attack and cast spells by spelling words with the tiles you have available. Longer words do more damage than smaller words, and some letter tiles have extra values such as 2x damage. There are even power-ups like the more rare “Oracle” that will automatically choose the best possible word for you.
        After just a few plays, I found a satisfying amount of depth in the strategy involved in beating each dungeon, and 3 difficulty levels should provide ample challenge for most. Because the monsters you have to fight in any given dungeon require varying amounts of damage, you will find a need to think ahead when to use up your larger words with higher damage points, and when to save them for a tougher fight. This of course also applies to power-ups. Some monsters even have special requirements such as words with no less than 4 letters.
   Replayability is also satisfactory in this game, as every playthrough will play out differently as you never know which tiles and words you will have at your disposal. The aforementioned 3 difficulty levels also help add additional hours of gameplay.
   I am also happy to report that the overall control interface works very well. The developer obviously took great care to make sure that the move from PC to the iDevice was done right. Everything will feel very intuitive to anyone who has any experience using an iDevice. Placing tiles, removing tiles, and shifting tiles all feels very natural.
   At only $0.99 it is easy for me to recommend this unique title to both fans of Word Games, as well as fans of Dungeon Crawlers and old school turn based RPGs.
My Rating for Dungeon Scrolls: 5 out of 5 loot chests
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