The weekend starts now for iPhone gamers with a ton a great new releases

 Apple’s approval team must have been very busy last might as there are quite a few great new games available today. Here are a few notable titles worth checking out:


Hybrid: Eternal Whisper from Gamevil Inc. A high energy action title with RPG elements – $5.99




  Super Shock Football from Chillingo. A very unique football game based on a remnent of the past – $1.99



 Robocalypse from Mobile Mayhem. An RTS brought over from the DS with online multiplayer – $4.99




 Unify from Zach Gage. A stylized block drop puzzler. – $0.99



 iBlast Moki from Godzilab. I very neat physics puzzler with a level editor for sharing your own levels online – $1.99


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Gamevil announces Zenonia 2 over Twitter

South Korean based developer, Gamevil today “announced” they are working on Zenonia 2. By announced I mean they confirmed via Twitter that we can expect Zenonia 2. Zenonia seemed to surprise some when it appeared in the app store top 25, and remained for some time. As a relatively “hardcore” jrpg imported from South Korea with a starting price of $5.99, the title really did do surprisingly well. Since the apparent success of Zenonia on iPhone, it is no surprise they are already talking about a followup. As a fan of Zenonia myself, you can be sure we maintain a watchful eye one both Gamevil and Zenonia 2. -RNM

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Luxor released on iPhone $2.99

Luxor has millions of fans and has appeared on just about every platform available so why not the iPhone? Rather than an easy port it seems developer Mumbo Jumbo really made an effort to bring Luxor to the iPhone with all the bells and whistles we have come to expect from a premium app such as online leaderboards, challenges and more. To do this, Mumbo Jumbo teamed up with ngmoco’s Plus + Network. This is significant beyond all the added features this brings to Luxor as this is the first outside development team to partner up with the Plus + Network.
Ngmoco has seemingly been slow to share their service but have been vocal about their intentions to make thier service the Xbox live of the iPhone. I think they may be selective as to who gets to use the service so they can stand out as a more premium service among the sea of other community services. -RNM

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