Review: Word Ace by Self Aware Games Review Score: 5 / 5

 A few weeks ago we published an interview with Self Aware Games, the publishers of Word Ace. After spending many hours with the game, I am now happy to review this unique, and clever title.


   Word Ace is a hybrid title. The game plays like Texas Hold Em’ poker, but instead of the standard playing cards you are used to, you have letter cards. Each letter card has one letter and a point value similar to scrabble tiles. Instead of playing for the best standard poker hand, you play the word with the highest possible point value.

  Instead of playing against boring and predictable AI, in Word Ace you can play online against friends. If  you don’t have any friends handy when you have the urge for a hand you can easily be matched up against other online opponents. The online play is seamless and makes each hand of Word Ace extremely unpredictable and entertaining. Word Ace is a multi-platform title, as online play includes both Palm Pre and iPhone users. The developer also revealed in our recent interview that multi-platform play will also include a facebook version in the near future, giving you even more ways to play the game with your friends.

   The entire user interface has a very high level of polish showing that a great deal of thought and care went into the development of this title. Your online profile for example, includes three seperate avatars. One avatar is your standard, one reflects a sad complexion, another a happy one. You can set these avatars using any picture on your iPhone or you can take the pictures for each reaction with your camera on the fly. As you are playing you can change your avatar with a quick swipe on the screen and your avatars reaction is immediately seen by the other players on your table. The feature ended up being alot of fun and brings extra personality to each player when playing online.


  Instead of releasing the standard lite and full version for thier title Self Aware Games released Word Ace and Word Ace Pro. Word Ace is a fully featured game, and provides you with 1,000 chips per day for free which is plenty to keep you playing for many hours on the low stakes tables. If you want to really start throwing your weight around, and you want to purchase extra chips to play at high stakes tables, you will want to buy Word Ace Pro. Pro includes a hefty bag of chips to get you started, and enables in app purchases so that you can buy additional chips to play at the high stakes tables. The developers have made it clear that you can enjoy this premium quality game for free, and if you really enjoy the game you can upgrade.

 Word Ace is a great game that can easily eat away hours of your free time if you’re not careful. The unique hybrid brings out the best in both  Texas Hold Em’ poker and word games and is just plain fun. The best part is, you don’t have to take my word for it, just go download Word Ace and decide for yourself.

 Word Ace gets 5 poker chips/ out of 5

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